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The Tecser-Onyx designs and manufactures products for the whirlpool for the main spas and fitness centers in Italy. Our expertise in the design of products for the whirlpool allows us to create customized solutions and innovative products ...
The Tecser-Onyx designs and implements solutions for some special medical sectors. There were in fact designed tanks for the birth in water and high-tech tanks for disabled people who may also manage the whirlpool, ozone, disinfection automatic ...
The Tecser-Onyx also has a line of whirlpool vache for professional use (hotels, gyms, etc.) and domestic ...
I nostri prodotti sono fatti interamente in "Fiberglass Ceramico" e non contengono alcun elemento termofuso: mantengono inalterati per anni il colore e la rigidità strutturale. I nostri prodotti sono costruiti con materiali antipiretici. For cleaning you can use any type of health coverage and medico-chirurgico. If they lose lucidity because of limestone and / or sulfur, continued use of ammonium detergents, essential oils, salts etc ... Or suffer scratches and surface lines, you can restore the original brilliance with a hand polish. It is possible ripararle in casonel should they suffer the crepature or breakage due to accidents.