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The Tecser-Onyx has an consolidated experience in the building of idromassage basins for thermal an professional use. The principal nantional thermal establishments and well known aesthetic centers have chosen our products to be able professionally to develop their activity; for which our production is turned essentially to those who use the idromassage for professional use.

The basins are built with uno technique acquired after years of experience, both to satisfy the demands of everybody and obtain the maximum relaxation, that thanks to the particular Anatomica position that the body assumes, being lying in the basin.

The idromassage is executed with a hot water jet to low pressure (that to avoid the break of capillaries, emboli, Ecc). Opportunely mixed with air Bollicine.

The position of the Bocchette, with actable throw, Orientabile and shutable, it is studied so as such to benefit to maximum of the therapeutic effects of the Idromassaggio, what also thanks to the balance which one is to create between temperature, pressure and direction of the Getto.

Con our products, is possible Massaggiare the lombari and Cervicali zones, with Bocchette placed in which came to nothing position as regards the basin, really to make the massage more effective. Besides they have supplied, with supports for the lower and superior limbs, for the massage of hands, feet and legs being in a relaxed position.
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